Andrew Hyde
Tetford Primary School Headteacher

"Our school has used the services of JB Sport since the very early days of the PE Grant (which developed our ability to support external provision for PE and sport in school). We have found JB Sport to provide exemplary support. They are very thoroughly organised and are always willing to respond to the individual needs of the school (including supporting extra-curricular activities beyond the normal working day). The same specialist supports all of our sessions and this consistency leads to strong bonds developing between the specialist, the staff and the pupils. The activities which the pupils undertake are well planned and developmental. Children enjoy the sessions and their skill levels have developed. We have also been able to take part in a variety of inter-school competitions organised by JB Sport. School staff have worked alongside the specialist and this has provided excellent Continuous Professional Development. The impact on school, its staff and its pupils has been very clear and extremely positive..."

Alan Grantham
Wolds School Sport Partnership

"JB's have worked alongside the Wolds School Sport Partnership for the last four academic years. They provide us with a manner of sports services including primary staff mentoring, extra-curricular clubs, intra school sport competitions and inclusive sport sessions. Their outstanding delivery and subject knowledge has up-skilled teachers within our partnership in physical education. They are well organised, prepared and always deliver a first class service. I would recommend them unreservedly to any school wishing to improve the quality and breadth of their PE curriculum."

Sue Rooney
Horncastle Primary School Headteacher

"The JB Sports team have worked in our primary school setting for a number of years, providing fantastic learning opportunities and increasing the sporting interest of both pupils and staff. In terms of PE, JB Sports staff support and develop our teaching of a multitude of sports, which are tailored to each individual year group through the progression of skills and the National Curriculum aims for this subject area. Lessons are interactive, engaging and imaginative, with all children developing their skills through a range of physical and mental (multidisciplinary) activities and challenges.
Children throughout our school are familiar with JB Sports members and their friendly, approachable, yet professional demeanour makes PE a lesson which they really look forward to. Working closely alongside our staff members, JB Sports support individual teachers with planning and teaching, using a ‘mentoring’ model, and this has developed our staff’s knowledge and understanding of the PE curriculum and our ability to teach and develop the skills in the right way.
Furthermore, JB Sports are always happy to support our local tournaments, which are often outside of school times, as referees and coaches. Their natural enthusiasm to promote sport is clearly evident through the inter-school competitions which they organise, so that children can apply their skills and enjoy sports in a competitive environment.
In addition to curriculum support, the JB staff run lunchtime activities, games and challenges for the KS2 children. All pupils have the opportunity to take part in structured play and integrate with children from different classes.
JB Sports also play a vital role in our extended school curriculum, organising and leading a range of after school clubs for different age groups. These are always popular and excellently managed.
We would highly recommend JB Sports due to their professional and caring manner and the high level of expertise they bring to our school. They have played a vital role in our school development and become an intrinsic part of our team."