JB’s staff members work alongside TA’s, HLTA’s or teachers to provide high quality specialist P.E lessons. Unlike the staff mentoring service, the school staff members are not expected to deliver any of the lessons independently, however they are always present within the lesson. Similar to the mentoring lessons, staff receive the scheme of work, as well having observed the lesson and can then replicate these lessons during other allotted P.E time or to other classes.

  • This supports any school working towards, or maintaining the delivery of high quality P.ESupporting teachers apply agreed schemes of work and assessment procedures consistently – Ofsted recommendations
  • Supporting subject leaders articulate a clear vision for P.E, set highest expectations of staff and pupils and provide schemes of work – Ofsted recommendation
  • Improve pupils’ fitness by keeping them physically active, engaging them in regular, high intensity vigorous activity for sustained periods of time – Ofsted recommendations
  • To raise their (pupil) expectations of what more able pupils are capable of achieving and provide them with challenging, competitive activities that lead to high standards of performance – Ofsted recommendation
  • Increase in participation rates in such activities as games, dance, gymnastics, swimming and athletics – Ofsted evaluation criteria
  • How much more inclusive the physical education curriculum has become – Ofsted evaluation criteria
  • The greater awareness amongst pupils about the dangers of obesity, smoking and other such activities that undermine pupils’ health – Ofsted evaluation Criteria

JB Sports coaching has become a successful part of our curriculum. The children have thoroughly enjoyed fast paced and challenging lessons which are planned to build on their skills in the areas of gymnastics, games and athletics. The clubs are popular and well attended; the coaches are amenable and happy to adapt to accommodate the needs of the school, including wearing a kilt and teaching Scottish dancing on a recent Scottish day!

Mrs Sarah Akhurst Headteacher Eastfield Infants