The JB adventure series is 6 different books, designed as a cross-curricular P.E resource aimed at EYFS and KS1 pupils to improve their physical literacy. Each book focuses on a different area of the P.E curriculum. The books are not only a fun and imaginative way to engage all pupils in P.E, but are also a great way to develop pupils’ interest in literacy. The adventures with JB are delivered as a ‘one off’ session, with a new book introduced each half term. Two JB’s staff members are provided for the delivery, one of which reads and delivers the book to the children, the second of which is JB and performs the skills that are being learnt along with the children in a mascot costume. This is a great way to ensure the interaction and engagement of all children, as well as making the adventures more of an experience for the children involved.


Book’s can also be purchased as a cross curricular resource, the books contains the relevant coaching points for all skills performed as a reference for the teaching staff. This allows teaching staff to deliver the skills to the children, ensuring that they are developing their skills correctly and enforcing the correct techniques.