JB’s Sports Coaching work alongside your staff members to up-skill their subject knowledge, confidence and ultimately their planning, preparation and delivery of structured P.E lessons. School staff members are actively involved within all lessons delivered, with the aim of them delivering a full lesson independently by the end of the term. The staff member will receive the scheme of work used within in each to provide them and the school with the necessary resources to deliver each area of the P.E curriculum. In doing this the sustainability of high quality P.E can be ensured within your school. This supports any school working towards, or maintaining the delivery of high quality P.E

JB’s staff members will mentor as many staff members as the school sees fit within the sessions available.

JB’s staff would liaise with the school to devise a long term plan that would ensure all school staff members, have the opportunity to receive the mentoring and subject knowledge to confidently deliver a range of sports to cover all areas of the P.E curriculum. This would ensure the sustainability of high quality P.E, should the sports premium funding come to an end.

  • This supports any school working towards, or maintaining the delivery of high quality P.E
    Supporting teachers apply agreed schemes of work and assessment procedures consistently – Ofsted recommendations
  • Supporting subject leaders articulate a clear vision for P.E, set highest expectations of staff and pupils and provide schemes of work – Ofsted recommendation
  • Improve pupils’ fitness by keeping them physically active, engaging them in regular, high intensity vigorous activity for sustained periods of time – Ofsted recommendations
  • To raise their (pupil) expectations of what more able pupils are capable of achieving and provide them with challenging, competitive activities that lead to high standards of performance – Ofsted recommendation
  • Increase in participation rates in such activities as games, dance, gymnastics, swimming and athletics – Ofsted evaluation criteria
  • How much more inclusive the physical education curriculum has become – Ofsted evaluation criteria
  • The greater awareness amongst pupils about the dangers of obesity, smoking and other such activities that undermine pupils’ health – Ofsted evaluation Criteria

"Working closely alongside our staff members, JB Sports support individual teachers with planning and teaching, using a ‘mentoring’ model, and this has developed our staff’s knowledge and understanding of the PE curriculum and our ability to teach and develop the skills in the right way."

Sue Rooney Headteacher, Horncastle Primary School