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Our holiday camps provide a first class coaching service in a range of different sports for children during the school holidays.

The camps consist of a six hour day, during which children participate in a number of stimulating, exciting and challenging sporting activities.We provide 1 day, 2day and 5 day holiday camps. Included in these are our football  specific camps and our multi sports camps which cover Tag Rugby, Dodgeball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Kwick Cricket, Rounders, Athletics, Basketball, Dance plus many more multi skilled games.

The Venues for all our holiday camps are local primary or secondary schools, by holding our camps at these venues we can ensure a high quality facility which provides indoor alternatives for bad weather, excellent toilet and eating facilities all in a safe and familiar environment.

We also offer early drop offs and late pick up options to allow parents to use our camps as childcare that fits in with their work schedule.


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