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A week in the life of Mr Garnett

January 17, 2017 7:56 am

A week in the life of Mr Garnett
The week starts with a trip to Binbrook, where this term our aim is to deliver basketball to lower Key stage 2 preparing them for an up and coming tournament. I finished off the day with an after school club introducing key stage 1 to high energy sport of dodgeball.
Tuesday afternoon is the first leg of my weekly trip to Tetford where children are tested on their knowledge on how to be safe in gymnastics. With key stage 1 we discussed and indicated what purpose each equipment the school has whilst demonstrating how to carry each safely. Key stage 2 took a different approach by setting up a gymnastics arena then risk assessing what they have created leading on to correcting and test their creation.
Wednesday afternoon was another trip to Binbrook, key stage 1 have started out this term looking at team games and activities. After discussing about “what makes a good team?” The group we’re able to implement their good teamwork credentials into a game of dodgeball. Children played with great etiquette and honesty. Upper key stage 2 showed progression from transferring their netball skills from term 2 into term 3. Unfortunately the wind played havoc with our shooting drill so the session ended indoors.
Thursday morning, I headed out to Mablethorpe Academy where the focus this term is on gymnastics for my very enthusiastic reception class. The objective of today’s session was creating shapes/letters/numbers using our bodies whilst working in partners. A very enjoyable and comical lesson. A trip to Halton Holegate was on the agenda for Thursday afternoon to team teach with Mr Elmhirst. Improving key stage 2 throwing accuracy through different activities to prepare them for an upcoming interschool dodgeball tournament. Key stage 1 did similar but appropriate activities with the same success.
After Skiing to Alford, the weather really took its toll on the session. After risk assessing it was apparent that I had to deliver PE inside, and with an extra year group. With now 2 classes, 40 children in each session, my initiative was certainly tested. A dodgeball tournament took place rather than our scheduled tennis session. Wth great support from the staff and amazing honesty from all 80 children, fun was had by all. Friday afternoon was the second leg trip to Tetford with the remaining classes where it was a repeat of Tuesday’s objectives.
Overall with snow and wind testing my perseverance as a coach and the impeccable positive attitudes of the children, it’s been a normal week in the JB’s tracksuit.