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A week in the life of Mr Marshall

December 7, 2016 7:48 am

A week in the life of Mr Marshall
So my week starts with my key stage 1 classes at North Somercotes. It a horrible wet day but fortunately we have the hall available for our invasion games. We have been looking at some tag rugby skills and in particular making good decisions about who to pass a ball to and when. Year 1 even managed to do it in complete silence showing they didn’t need to call out to spot who was ready and prepared to catch! After assembly we have our multi-skills after school club. We have covered all sorts of different activities this term and this week we had a go at hockey. We learnt how to keep control of the balls with both hands on the stick so that we could weave in and out of different obstacles and also who could pass the ball the straightest so we didn’t have to move our feet. A few balls briefly disappeared under the stage but a great start to the week!
I’m very lucky this term to have Miss Jackson at two of my schools doing dance with me, and the first one is Tattershall primary on Tuesday morning. The year 3,4 and 5 children were continuing with their body part dances from last week and this week were challenged to create their own routines. We were really impressed with how well they did – some fantastic patterns, directions and movements, I don’t watch Strictly but I doubt they are far off!
In the afternoon I travel over to Lacey Gardens and we are doing Net and Wall topic this term. It’s year 5 up today and we are trying to progress our racket skills from last week. Nobody can quite match my left hand, right hand, keepy uppy skills but there is some very impressive work nonetheless – we already have some children who can control a rally between themselves. After school is the year 5/6 football club. Unfortunately the field has been drenched so we hit the hall for a tournament as its our last week. Some great skills on show and whisper it quietly but I did concede once, to the great dismay of my teammates!
Back at Lacey this morning and it’s two of the year 4 classes. We are in the hall and looking at how and why we aim for space in net and wall games. Some excellent catching and throwing skills on show as we play a game very similar to sitting volleyball – that’s on the way soon, and based on the talent on show could be spectacular!
In the afternoon year 6 take over and we brave the outside. Tennis rackets in hand we show off our forehand skill and massive well done to one of our boys who ended up star of the week for the way he spent the whole lesson helping one of the other children to progress and enjoy the session. The final class even got to sample the brand new playground shelter as the rain came down and left us dashing for cover. I can report it works very well! Afterschool club today was our hockey club, but with two groups and no outside space we headed into the hall for a joint bonus dodgeball session.
It’s the remaining classes of year 4s at Lacey and we are back outside with our tennis rackets. Its our first time with them this year and very quickly I can spot that they have got some good control as we have some balancing races and games of nudge. Afterschool club today and we had two groups back in the hall. My normal pop lacrosse group joined up with the tag rugby players and decided on some more dodgeball! Have to say neither myself nor Mr Reynolds were disappointed! The balls were flying and great attitude and honesty displayed all round. Everyone left the hall absolutely exhausted!
My second visit of the week from Miss Jackson today and we are at Grimoldby Primary. Key stage 1 are dancing and we are looking at the seasons and how we can link them to our movements. There are some brilliant movers and shakers about and fantastic to see such a young group sharing ideas and co-operating so well together.
My final school of the week and its back to Lacey Gardens where I finish the week with year 3. We are working our way very quickly through some racket skills so that before long we will be having a crack at rallying and hitting targets. Great work and a brilliant way to finish the week! Bring on the next one!