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A week in the life of Miss Jackson

December 7, 2016 7:58 am

A Week in the life of Miss Jackson
My week begins on a Monday afternoon with KS1 at Mareham Le Fen. This week we’ve been trying to move lots of different parts of our body, using our imagination to come up with lots of weird and wonderful ways to move. The body parts theme continues with the Year 2/3 class – this week we were in teams of four or five making our own body part dance routines whilst thinking about how we can use space, directions, speed, levels and patterns. I was very impressed with the teamwork and creativity shown in this group.
Finally, we have our after-school club with Year 2/3. This group love improvising with ribbons and fabrics and are always keen to show off their gymnastic and dance skills in a dance off!
After de-icing the car (ignoring how grubby it is and that strange rattling sound) I arrived at Tattershall school for a morning with KS2. I’m lucky enough to have Mr Marshall as my glamourous assistant today as we explored spatial reasoning and awareness and travelling through space. We even had time to make a class sculpture with our bodies.
Next I headed over to Donnington on Bain for an afternoon with KS1. This week we were looking at how we move differently when playing different sports. Some children were able to show brilliant control and imagination moving from football moves to golf moves – we even had some ice hockey moves! Another after-school club, this time it’s multi-sports with KS2. Sadly, we couldn’t use the hall this week so we played a few focus and memory games in a spare classroom.
Back at Donnington on Bain this afternoon, this time with KS2 and we’re looking at how we can use space, relationship and travelling more efficiently when we’re dancing. Children moved very creatively – especially when avoiding low-hanging Christmas decorations!
After-School club this time is multi-sports with KS1, this week we mixed things up with a hoopla game, some dodgeball and rounded things off with some musical statues.
At Kirkby on Bain today joined by yet more glamourous assistants. Mr Shaw helped me deliver two space, patterns and travelling lessons to KS2. Children all moved well and expertly avoided the Christmas Tree while demonstrating lots of wonderful shapes and good use of different levels.
Mr Johnson then joined us for an after-school club playing musical statues and having a dance off to ‘Eye of the Tiger’.
Joined once again by the wonderful dancing talents of Mr Marshall we were at Grimoldby this morning for KS1. Today we were looking at how we could move around the space showing different sporting activities – we even had fencing and archery demonstrated by some talented movers.
Next I headed over once again to Mareham Le Fen for an afternoon of sports dance with KS1, space finding with KS2 and an after-school group making routines with pompoms to Christmas music! A chilled end to a chilly week.