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A week in the life of Mr O’leary

November 22, 2016 7:41 am

A week in the life of Mr O’Leary
A fresh Monday morning was started off with my driver Mr. Shaw picking me up so that we could travel to Spilsby Academy for a morning of Gymnastics. Year 3 were first and on flames as usual showing off all their balancing and jumping skills. After the break the Year 6’s showed great effort and bravery using the apparatus to perform their own Jumps from huge heights that even Mr. Clarke himself was impressed with!!!
Next a trip over to Eastfield infants and much more of the same! Classes Leopards and Lions showed great Gymnastics skills for only Y2s. They were definitely a few Kangaroos going around school after that lesson; the children were buzzing and on top form! Well done guys!
Another trip over to Spilsby this morning for another 3 lessons filled with Gymnastics this time starting with the Y1s then Y5s and finally Year 2s. Mr. Shaw did not have a good morning though after buying new trainers and not getting any compliments for them! HA
He didn’t need to worry though as we when we got over to Eastfield after Lunch the infants loved them! The afternoon saw the Years 2 trying their luck with forwards rolls. The Tigers and Panthers did not disappoint showing their Jungle skills throughout the lesson! 😉
Final trip to Spilsby for myself this morning and who better to have first………RECEPTION! This class continue to amaze me and are showing skills far beyond their years with some being able to do Forwards and Backwards rolls it really is quite remarkable.
Next Break!!! and the best part of my week; some Coffee & Jam on Toast from the Wonderful Cobb family!!After this I’m ready for the Year 4s. They were great; showing enthusiasm and asking questions all the time. Just what any coach wants!
After lunch, I’m back to Eastfield for the Year 1s and these guys are great!!!! Full of energy and always make me laugh. They really tried hard practicing their rolls until they got it right!
Thursday saw me again in Louth but now over to St. Bernard’s. These guys truly are a pleasure to teach and show real effort in anything I put in front of them! In the morning I had assault courses ready for 4 different classes (which were timed shout out to Paul for being faster than Usain Bolt) as well as doing some individual work with the legend that is Chris. In the afternoon, I was back with the whole of the Upper school where we did a lot of Relay Races, throwing games and finally ended with a game of Coconut Shy (play it, it is class) which of course the BOYS WON!
Final part of the week sees me take the short trip over to Faldingworth Primary. It is Children in the Need day and the kids are in great spirits wearing anything from dresses to Onesies! We had a full afternoon outside with 5 different classes coming out to try different invasion activities and tig style games. To finish I had an afterschool club with the KS1 children. Dodgeball was chosen by them and it was a great way to end a busy but good week!
Now time to chill and get ready for Monday!


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