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A week in the life of Mr Meller

November 15, 2016 11:01 am

A week in the life of Mr Meller
Great start to the week at New Leake where it always seems to be raining. Dodging the rain drops I had my first week of football with years 2,3 & 4,5,6. My after school club was an arranged Hi5 netball match against Wrangle Primary School, who really gave New Leake a good game and were a pleasure to play against. A great finish to the afternoon and a big well done to all involved.
I finished my Monday with a cold, but very good return to the football academy on the Astro Turf. Brrrrrrrr!!!
A morning trip to Sunny Skegness for me, where I met the year 6 for the first time for some football. A great array of talent and a fantastic first lesson with a new class. The afternoon at Skegness consists of my year 4 group who are learning to play Tag Rugby. We looked at how to correctly hold the ball, as well as how to pass the ball with the correct technique.
Another trip to the coast, but this time to Mablethorpe Academy. I started with my year 3/4 class, who are also starting to play Tag Rugby. Dinner time was a complete disaster for me! As it was wet play I thought I would go see the year 5’s in their classroom. 20 mins later, I came out that classroom as a snakes and ladders loser to one of the children. Still devastated with my snakes and ladders loss, I managed to pull my self together for the afternoon session, where we were concentrating on fielding techniques for cricket with my year 5’s. My after school club was a great game of dodgeball that was thoroughly enjoyed by all involved…..myself included!
Back to Skegness to deliver year 3 football, with the focus on the different techniques we can use to dribble with the ball. A really enjoyable lesson, with big improvements made in a short period of time.
I was outside for dinner time, where I started a game of helicopter skipping with 4 of the children. Moments later we had gone from 4 up to 30 children all standing a circle while I swing a skipping rope along the floor for them to jump over. After helicopter skipping and backwards hopscotch (try it), I was indoors with my year 1 for their first lesson of gymnastics where we were looking at jumping with the focus on a soft and safe landing.
My week anded with an afternoon at Horncastle primary. After finishing JB’s dinner club I headed to lower school for year 2’s 2nd lesson of gymnastics where we were learning how to make different shapes with our body and making certain shapes when we jump.
To finish my week off, I had an after school dodgeball club with the year 1’s and 2’s. Another great week for me in my schools, roll on the November nipper football and Netball tournament tomorrow!